At some point in your life, you’re gonna do wrong. Don’t worry, though. Eventually, someone will do wrong by you too. The general hope, I think, is that we learn and grow from these experiences. But is it possible to really let the past go?

That’s what this podcast is about—something we’ve all said at one time or another: “People Are The Worst”


Jenna's casual love interest begins to draw towards a deeper connection but, as it turns out, it's all about perspective.


Frances tells us about where her worst self first appeared, a time she unintentionally chose fun over being responsible, and how she came to believe that she'd met the devil.


Alexa discovers her worst self in overlapping love-triangles, and deals with an asshole who is emboldened by the actions of their shared community.

(Content Warning: Xenophobia)


Melika takes us on a journey through a defining moment with a past partner, and a life changing experience.
(Content Warning: Sexual Abuse)


Javier speaks about how a personal tragedy blinded him from possibly preventing another, and what it means to be accepted.

(Content Warning: Suicide)


Eric takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship where one "worst" begat another.